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Graham: (253)262-3453 Orting: (360)872-8392
Graham: (253)262-3453 Orting: (360)872-8392

Liberty Learning Centers Inc. is proud to have served the South Pierce community for 23 years. Liberty Learning Centers Inc. in Graham (Formally Little Winners CDC) opened its doors in May 1994 with 15 students and has grown to be a well-known name in the community with an enrollment of approximately 120 children between both locations each year. The Orting location opened in May 2014 to continue support throughout the community.
At Liberty Learning Centers Inc. we understand that each child is unique and develops at an individual rate.  With this in mind, our staff conducts developmental assessments for each child at different points throughout the year. These assessments allow teachers to become familiar with the children individually and allow for individualized as well as group planning to help all children accomplish their goals.
We believe that children learn best through play and we take full advantage of that here at Liberty Learning Centers Inc.  Each day children have time for free choice discovery play and center exploration.  This free play time gives children the chance to develop independence by making their own choices and to develop their social skills by working with one another in cooperative play experiences. With the knowledge and skills to take the curriculum out doors, the learning experience will continue, even outdoors!
Our program has found a special blend of two amazing curriculums plus our own expertise of 35 plus years! Our curriculum exceeds expectations of the kindergarten teachers in our school districts. With children leaving our Kindergarten Prep program reading, we are helping encourage positive learning at an early age, which will continue long into their secondary school career!


We know that there are many kids with food allergies and intolerance out there. We also know that many families are choosing healthier life styles and are trying to eat less sugar, no MSG, eat organically, etc. We are here to support you! By allowing families to pack and send the food they know their children will eat, they can ensure that their kids are properly nourished and eating what is best for them throughout the day!