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Vision Statement

A quality environment where children and families are valued for their individuality. Children are safe to express themselves through their wonder, curiosity, growth and play.  Families are recognized as their child’s first and most important teacher.

We believe that children need a stimulating environment that encourages learning and socialization through developmentally appropriate activities to create a positive foundation for future academic and social development. We provide a loving and nurturing environment that encourages play based exploration and learning for children at a time when they are learning so much about themselves and the world around them. We present our curriculum with the perspective that God is the creator of all. Yet we value diversity and welcome families of all ethnic, cultural, religious and socio-economic backgrounds. Our program is child centered emphasizing a developmental, hands on approach to learning. With nurturing and individual guidance we offer each child the opportunity to participate in a balanced program covering areas such as social- emotional, cognitive, and physical and growth. We ensure each child feels safe, secure, happy, and is nurtured in an environment created to encourage positive self-esteem and learning through play. 

 Core Values

ENVIROMENT:By providing a comfortable, nurturing environment that enables us to offer excitement and a challenging eagerness to learn. Each child’s work space is respected.

 Program Philosophy

It is the mission of Liberty Learning Centers Inc.  to provide quality early childhood education and care that will nurture children spiritually, academically, and socially in an environment where Jesus Christ and Christian values are placed first.

Mission Statement

PARENT, TEACHER, and FACULTY SUPPORT:When open communication is encouraged between home and center, the best care possible for the children is obtained. A partnership between everyone involved that includes respect, thoughtfulness, empathy, and responsibility for self and others, creates the best care available for the children and their families

“Rose, aka Liberty Learning Centers, helped raise both our daughters.  She provided excellent care, and is like a third parent to our children.  I can’t say enough good things about her and the wonderful services she has been providing for over 25 years.”
– Ken Lomax

PERSONAL CHILD DEVELOPMENT: We hold an understanding and respect that all children grow, learn, and develop in unique patterns. With this knowledge we feel that it is important to provide constructive, supportive, and honest feedback.

CURRICULUM:Our curriculum provides core learning skills, and the opportunity to maximize each child’s potential growth. The content of the curriculum utilizes the strengths and interests of our staff, providing the enjoyment of teaching, and positive interactions between staff and children. We also believe in flexibility of approach, resources, scheduling, and content. 

Graham: (253)262-3453 Orting: (360)872-8392