Our curriculum is different than anything else you will encounter in your average child care center or early learning facility. We understand that each child learns at a different pace and in different ways. The teachers will work with the children as a group and individually to increase their knowledge and skills! In each classroom, Toddler - K-Prep, our teachers work with a base set of skills that they will in-corporate every day in different activities and learning situations. The teachers take opportunities throughout the day to work with children on an individual basis to help each child moves forward in their learning.

     Every child in one class may be on a different set of skills, but all working towards the same goal! But don't worry, if you child excels further we will only encourage this growth! We will give them a new goal to work towards! We will never allow your child to become stagnant in learning in our program! To keep things exciting for the students and the teachers, each teacher is allowed creative freedom to add different activities in addition to the above curriculum as per the interest of the children.

​     Communication is key! We know that you are an integral part of your child's learning, and the best way for all of us to be on the same page is to talk! We hold two in-person conferences per year, and one progress report in between the conferences. At these times, we cover assessments, developmental milestones, your questions, and more! Our teachers look forward to this one on one time with you! 

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Graham: (253)262-3453 Orting: (360)872-8392

Curriculum - Child Care, Preschool, Kindergarten Prep