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Childcare and Extended Care - for children 1 month - 10 years

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Ready to get started?! Here you will find all the resources you need to get your child started in our private childcare or extended care program! Each child enrolled will need to be enrolled in the "myprocare" portal*, and have a paper work packet as well. Please call your nearest location if you need additional support! (*You only need to enroll in myprocare 1x. To add services, please send an email to your location and we can add that service for you!) 

Private Child Care and Extended Care:

“I couldn't believe the look on my daughters Kindergarten teachers face when she was giving her the Kindergarten assessment. She asked my daughter several questions regarding letters, shapes and numbers and my daughter was able to answer every single question. Needless to say she aced the test. She exceeded the teachers expectations by being able to count to 100, and to be able to identify and name shapes like a Sphere. I can't thank the teachers at Liberty enough for all the time, care and effort they put into my daughters learning and the education she has gained from being there. Right before we left the teacher said to us, I have to ask where did she go to Pre-school because they did an amazing job of preparing her for school. All thanks to Liberty Learning Center, YOU GUYS ROCK!”  - Natalie Zedoff 

Graham: (253)262-3453 Orting: (360)872-8392